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Welcome to Tigermilk. My newfound blog that I will frequently update with personal photos and drawings.

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25 year old Brooklyn inhabitant trying to make pretty things.


    • Hi there,
      Well, I have been meaning to start a blog and couldn’t think of a name for it for the longest time. Finally, I just started looking around my living room and the record “Tigermilk” by Belle & Sebastian stuck out to me. Thus, here we are! Thanks for asking.



      • Sounds very artsy:) Why do so many people do that?:P Look around the room and pick something as a name. hehe

        I picked this name in relation to another blog I have hosted elsewhere. I figured I’d do more creative writing here…which is a joke since I haven’t really posted anything creative, yet. My previous blog produced far more creative pieces. But, like every previous online venture, it lost its appeal…:(

        Belle and Sebastian…One of my two favorite Disney princesses and Ariel’s crabby pal. 😛

        It’s always good to know/learn where people’s heads are at from the start (the root). It helps understand which way the tree may grow.

        Let’s imagine/hope you find a tiger’s bravery to blog without doubt and produce much milk to feed the masses.



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